Prof. Bhavin Shastri awarded the ICO IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Optics 2020

Congratulations to our ex-postdoc and collaborator, Prof. Shastri, for this prestigious recognition of his accomplishments! 

Paul Prucnal Named National Academy of Inventors Fellow

Congratulations to Prof. Paul Prucnal who has been named a 2017 Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI). More details can be found here.

Our Book Received Great Review in Optics and Photonics News!

You can find the latest review to our book "Neuromorphic Photonics" in Optics and Photonics News here!

Neurophotonics: Photonics Demonstrate Brainlike Behavior Useful in Machine Learning

Thomas's recent work has received a press release. A link to the article can be found here

Latest Book Publication: Neuromorphic Photonics

Professor Paul Prucnal and postdoc Bhavin Shastri recently published a book: Neuromorphic Photonics. This book aims to bridge between the domains of photonic device physics and neural networks, providing…

Alex Tait Wins Best Paper Award at 2017 Summer Topicals Meeting Series

Graduate student Alex Tait was the recipient of the IEEE Photonics Best Student Paper Award (1st Place) at this years IEEE Photonics Summer Topicals in Brain-Inspired Computing. Congratulations to Alex!

Laser neuron with graphene

Bhavin Shastri, a Banting postdoctoral fellow in our group, has recently conducted research in using graphene as a saturable absorber element in neuron-inspired laser processors. This work has been featured in an IEEE Spectrum article titled, "Graphene Flakes Make Laser Neuron Superfast." A link to the article can be found 

Innovations from the wild world of optics and photonics

Our lab's work has been featured in an NSF Discovery article. A link to the article can be found here.

Year of Light: Computer processor based on the brain uses light to transmit signals

Photonic spike processing was featured in an NSF article. See the article here.

Ben Wu Recipient of the IEEE Photonics Society Graduate Student Fellowship

Graduate student Ben Wu has just received the IEEE Photonics Society (IPS) 2015 Graduate Student Fellowship, which consists of a one-time honarium award of $1000. He will be receiving this award at the 2015 IEEE Photonics Conference (IPC) in October, 2015.

Mitchell Nahmias Recipient of Best Student Poster Award

Graduate Student Mitchell A. Nahmias was the recipient of the 'Best Student Poster Award (1st Place)' during the IEEE Photonics Summer Topicals (2015) in the Nassau, Bahamas.

Paul Prucnal receives President's Award for Distinguished Teaching

Award for Distinguished Teaching!The awards were established in 1991 through a gift by Princeton alumni Lloyd Cotsen of the Class of 1950 and John Sherrerd of the Class of 1952 to recognize excellence in undergraduate teaching by Princeton faculty members. More information about this award can be found 

Paul Prucnal receives Lifetime Teaching Achievement Award

Our PI, Paul Prucnal, has received the Lifetime Teaching Award for Excellence in Teaching!

Over the years, Prof. Prucnal has been responsible for teaching both ELE 203: Electronic Circuits and ELE 454: Photonics and Lightwave Communications.

Lightwave Lab Awarded “Intellectual Property Accelerator Fund”

As part of the Intellectual Property Accelerator Fund, we are developing a technology that could make high-speed Internet access as widely available as cellphone service by enabling data transmission in a vastly underused region of the spectrum, the millimeter-wave regime. The technology,…

Broadcast and weight: an integrated network for scalable photonic spike processing

A key theory paper underlying larger networks in photonic spike processing has been published. "Broadcast and weight: an integrated network for scalable photonic spike processing" describes how to scale this platform to large numbers of neurons.

Bhavin Shastri named a Banting Postdoctoral Fellow

Our postdoc, Dr. Bhavin Shastri has been awarded Canada's most prestigious postdoctoral award, the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship. Named after Sir Frederick Banting (Nobel Prize in Medicine for the discovery of insulin), this…

Photonic Spike Processing Featured in IEEE Photonics Magazine

Our photonic spike processing project is being featured on the cover of the June 2014th issue of the IEEE Photonics…

John Chang Recieves Graduate Newport Research Award

John Chang has received the 2014 Graduate Newport Research Award for his accomplishments as a graduate student in the field of photonics. A link to the article can be found here. Dr. Chang will be joining MIT Lincoln Labs after his graduation this spring.

John Chang and Yue Tian Have Graduated

Dr. John Chang has completed his FPO and will be graduating this spring. His thesis was entitled, "Microwave Photonic Filters for Interference Cancellation and Adaptive Beamforming." He will be working for MIT Lincoln Labs in Boston, MA next year.

Yue Tian has also completed his FPO and will graduate this spring. His thesis was…

Photonic Spike Processing featured in ELE Newsletter

Our photonic spike processor has been featured as a research highlight in the ELE newsletter, which can be accessed here.

Alumnus Wing Kwong Publishes New Book

Optical Coding Theory with Prime has just been published by Wing Kwong, Professor of Engineering at Hofstra University. He graduated from the Lightwave Communications Laboratory with a Ph. D. in 1992. More information can be found 

IP Accelerator Fund Awarded to Photonic Layer Security

Ben Wu's work on photonic layer security has recently won an IP Accelerator Fund, and will be commercialized with engineering company Bascom Hunter.&nbsp…

Laser Focus World Article on Optical Steganography

Our summer intern, Nick Frost writes about his hands-on experience with optical steganography in Laser Focus World. A link to the…

Post-Deadline Paper accepted at IPC

Our conference paper entitled "Graphene excitable laser for photonic spike processing," was one of several accepted at the IEEE Photonics Conference post-deadline session. It is part of our investigations in 

Photonic Neuron Featured in Innovation Magazine

The photonic neuron project has been featured in Innovation Magazine with an article entitled, 'Thinking at the Speed of Light: the Photonic Neuron.' A link to the article can be found 

Art of Science Entry Featured in Discover Magazine

"Light Eddies," an Art of Science entry created by Mitchell Nahmias, was recently featured in Discover Magazine. The diagram describes the phase space trajectories of a 

Alex Tait and Mitchell Nahmias receive NSF Fellowships

Alex and Mitch have both been awarded National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships to continue their work on photonic spike processing.

Maddie Lu appears on National Geographic television documentary

Graduate student Maddie Lu appeared on a National Geographic television documentary related to her summer internship at the NSA. Link

Bhavin Shastri receives the IEEE Photonics Society 2011 Graduate Student Fellowship

Bhavin Shastri, Visiting Student Research Collaborator under the supervision of Prof. Prucnal, has received the IEEE Photonics Society 2011 Graduate Student Fellowship, awarded on October 10 at the IEEE Photonics Conference in Arlington, Virginia. Congratulations Bhavin, we are proud of you!
See the Photonics Society website for the…