Ultrafast Nonlinear Optical Signal Processing

Nonlinear Optical Thresholding

Thresholders are the heart of analog-to-digital converters, comparators and operational amplifiers.  Moreover, an all-optical thresholder even beats the limits of electronics and are thus useful in photonic applications such as neuromorphic photonics and optical code division multiple access (OCDMA). A thresholder can effectively boost the signal to noise ratio (SNR) of optical signals and improve the system performance in a variety of scenarios including telecommunications, fiber sensing and quantum communications. We are particularly interested in its use in enhancing contrast in weakly modulated optical signals.


Our approach exploits the nonlinear silicon photonic processes to carry out the signal processing. We have successfully demonstrated an all-optical programmable nonlinear thresholder on a silicon integrated circuit. Our device structure is based on Mach-Zehnder interferometer loaded with microrings. It can accommodate optical signals of different power levels and wavelengths. We have achieved a significant power contrast enhancement with our current device and are currently exploring novel device architectures to enhance the device bandwidth and reduce the power costs.

nonlinear optical thresholding

Fig Microscope image of all-optical thresholder on silicon chip

nonlinear optical thresholding

Fig: Contrast enhancement using our nonlinear optical thresholder



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Group Members: 

  • Paul Prucnal, Professor of Electrical Engineering
  • Chaoran Huang, Posdoctoral Research Associate
  • Aashu Jha, Graduate Student